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Local Service

Rooftop is not a franchised national chain—we are an Idaho-based company with deep roots, long-standing relationships, and a strong understanding of all the markets we service. Since we started out as property owners, we know and understand just how important it is to have an outstanding, reputable property management company on your side.

Handling Your Assets

We believe there are many things that property management companies should handle for you at no additional cost. We think a great property management should handle nearly all aspects of rental property ownership. We will handle vacancies, rent collection, maintenance, inspections, and marketing, all while delivering quality service and increasing your income potential.

At Rooftop, we work with you to reduce your costs, increase your income, and protect your investments. These are just a few of the benefits that set us apart and make Rooftop a preferred property management company:

Rooftop Benefits

  • Non-binding contract
  • Low-cost, effective marketing
  • No setup fees or hidden costs
  • Low vacancy rate and above a 99% owner retention rate
  • Superior standards of property care and maintenance
  • An experienced property management team
  • Accessible, easy-to-understand accounting
  • Properties are shown personally to answer questions and prevent damage
  • Standardized procedures and practices so everyone always knows what to expect
  • Quality communication and timely follow up

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