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Tips for Keeping Your Rental Clean & Avoiding the Spread of Germs

Recently, the coronavirus COVID-19 has been spreading throughout the world prompting many people to stay indoors and quarantine themselves. Being quarantined in your rental property may be fun for a few days, but the novelty wears off quickly. However, being cooped up in your house while you’re hyper-aware of germs and viruses may encourage you to take a closer look at the cleanliness of your home. Here are some tips for keeping your rental property clean and what you can do to avoid the spread of germs. 

  1. Disinfect Popular Surfaces

As you spend time at home, think of all the areas you’ve recently been touching. If you touch them a lot, chances are other people in your home have as well. Some popular places for people to touch are doorknobs, refrigerator handles, chairs, sink handles, countertops, remote controls, keyboards, and toilet levers. To prevent the spread of germs, you should be disinfecting these areas regularlyor daily if someone in your home is sick.

The best way to disinfect your home is by using a disinfectant product like bleach or disinfectant wipes. Using a rag and soapy water is good, but it’s not as powerful as a disinfectant, plus if you use the rag around multiple surfaces it will pick up the germs and spread them around your house. If rags are your only option, rinse them in hot water and wash them often.

Not only will disinfecting the surfaces of your home make them germ-free, but your home will also feel cleaner. Having a clean home can keep you from feeling anxious about clutter, especially if you are going to be quarantined with it. Plus, once the coronavirus calms and you’d like to invite people over, you’ll feel proud to show off your clean home!

  1. Laundry

Germs also like to hang out in clothes and sheets. Since you spend so much time in your bed, it shouldn’t be a surprise that your sheets are a popular spot for germs to congregate. As you prepare the laundry to be washed, avoid shaking it and releasing germs into the air. You should also wash your hands after doing the laundry, especially if you were washing something for someone who is sick. If you keep your laundry in a bag, consider also washing the bag to kill off even more germs. Or, if you keep your laundry in a basket, wipe it down with a disinfectant. 

Doing laundry should already be a chore you do regularly, so doing it now should be no different. Wearing clean clothes helps you make better impressions, plus your clothes will feel and smell fresh. Even if you are quarantined, you’ll feel healthier and happier in clean clothes.   

  1. Vacuum

One of the best ways to keep your home clean is by vacuuming. Vacuuming rids your carpet of any pollen, mold spores, or dirt that you track in. Pollen and mold spores can flare up any allergies you may have, which you may confuse with symptoms of the coronavirus. Vacuuming regularly can help prevent you from getting sick, but it will also give your home an extra touch of cleanliness that you and future guests will appreciate. 

Whether you are quarantined, preventing sickness, or you just want your home to look nice, disinfecting surfaces, doing the laundry, and vacuuming will keep your home clean and you healthy. 

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