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Tips for Decluttering Your Home by Room

Our homes say a lot about us as individuals. Whether it’s through the color palette, the art on the walls, or the bedspread, our personalities have the opportunity to shine through. The way our homes are structured and designed can make them a place of peace, but it can be hard to feel relaxed when your home is full of clutter.

Before you start on a crazed cleaning frenzy, take a deep breath. Cleanliness does not happen in a day and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed if you try to organize everything at once. Find a project you know you’ll have time for and see it through until the end. You can separate the items you find into bins to make it easy to clear your space. Having a garbage bin, donation box, and put away pile can help you visualize what you do and do not need and keep you organized during the process.


Your bedroom should be the most relaxing space in your home—it is where you sleep, after all. Sort through the clutter to create a peaceful environment.

  • Make the bed
  • Clear unnecessary items from side tables
  • Organize the top of the dresser
  • Pick up any clothes from the floor


Closets are meant for hanging up clothes and storing shoes, but they can also be utilized for several other miscellaneous uses.

  • Sort through clothing by type (ie. pants, shirts, shoes, etc.)
  • Donate old, unwanted clothing
  • Utilize extra space for luggage or storage bins


Bathrooms often become a cemetery for expired items. Look through your cabinets and shower to throw out anything expired or that you don’t need.

  • Organize medications
  • Throw away old lotions and face washes
  • Get rid of old makeup
  • Look for any empty bottles or old razors to throw out

Kitchen & Dining Rooms

Kitchens, due to their ability to create a comfortable space, are often areas where clutter spawns. It seems like the first thing someone does when they get home is set something on the counter or table, thus, creating more clutter to clean.

  • Clear flat surfaces
  • Organize each drawer
  • Throw out any utensils or tools you don’t use
  • Sort through cleaning supplies
  • Declutter the pantry and throw out any expired foods

Living Rooms

Living rooms don’t usually have much furniture to work with, which can make out of place items stick out.

  • Use a storage basket to keep cords together
  • Review your movie/game collection
  • Clear off coffee tables
Stay Organized

Decluttering your space may take you more than one day. Similarly, keeping that space organized will take more than one day—it will take every day! Staying organized is a daily effort, so task yourself with staying clean. Dedicate each day to a different chore, like sorting through paperwork, refolding clothes, or cleaning out drawers. Remember, your home should be your happy place, keep it organized!

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