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8 Ways To Keep Warm And Save Money

As temperatures stay low your electric and gas bills stay high. It’s painful to watch your money slowly seep away as it escapes through the windows with the heat. If you’re looking for ways to cut heating costs this is the list for you.

1. Curtains

Curtains, especially heavy ones are a great way to trap your hot air in and keep the cold air out. On those blustery gray days keep your curtains closed. There isn’t much to see in the gloom and it will help your house stay a little warmer.

2. Draft Snakes

Draft snakes/blockers/stoppers are especially good if you have an older home with windows and doors that don’t seal very well. You can easily make your own by taking a long tube sock and filling it with rice. Then lay it at the foot of your door or on your window sill to help keep out a draft.

3. Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film isn’t expensive and it is relatively easy to apply. It gives a second barrier to your window to help keep out the cold. Just remember to add a little heat with a blowdryer once you’ve put it on the window to help smooth out the wrinkles.

4. Move Furniture

Make sure you don’t have couches, curtains or rugs right next to the heating vent or radiator. It might be nice and cozy to sit by the heat, but the fabric is absorbing the warmth instead of allowing it to spread throughout your house.  

5. Dress Warm

This may seem like a no brainer but dress appropriately for the weather. If you are walking around your house in shorts and a tank top, just remember that you are literally paying for that luxury. Try to keep socks and a sweater on at all times to save a little on heating.

6. Rugs

If your home is mostly wood, tile, or linoleum floors you might want to invest in some rugs.  A tug or two will help to trap the heat instead of allowing it to escape through the floorboards. Also, they will be much warmer for your cold feet to walk on.

7. Capitalize on Sunshine

On the days when the sun is shining outside, pull back your curtains. The sunlight is a free energy source that can help heat your home. Just remember to close those curtains again once the sun goes away.  

8. Close Doors

If there are rooms in your house that aren’t being used, close the door. There is no need to waste heat on unused rooms. The more you can centralize your heat, the easier it will be to stay warm and cozy.

It is bitterly cold outside, but just remind yourself that it is almost over. Just a little bit longer and the temperature can finally start to rise. Hopefully, with these tips, you be able to see your electrical and gas costs start to decrease and keep your rental home comfortable this winter.

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