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5 Ways to Learn More About Real Estate Investing

Investments take time, research, and assurance—they aren’t something you want to jump into blindly. So, before you decide on investing in real estate, learn as much as you can. There are countless resources to help you learn more.

Here are a few resources that we find valuable as you dive into real estate investments.

Have a Mentor / Speak to an Expert

Perhaps the way you became interested in real estate investing was through an accomplished investor or an old pal who recently started. You should maintain close contact with this person as you begin to learn more about the process and have questions that need to be answered. These people can also be confidants as they bestow their advice on to you. Before you decide to invest in real estate, it is wise to talk to an expert. Your buddy may not have all the answers you need and some people won’t share their secrets with you.

Read Books About Real Estate Investing

Reading is almost like speaking to an expert. Authors of real estate investment books have put hours of work into creating a resource for you full of advice. You can purchase books online to mark up and take notes on, or you can borrow some from the library (but don’t mark those up). Books from the library are free resources you can use to learn more about investing in real estate.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming more popular and more available to audiences, plus, there are plenty of podcast channels that describe the real estate investing process. Podcasters are likely to give you their opinions, advice, and describe their experiences with different types of real estate endeavors. Podcasts are easily accessible from a smartphone, they are free, and you can listen to them on the go. Podcasts are an excellent way to learn from other investors and they give you a sense of community with other investors and influencers in the market.

Here a couple of podcasts you can check out:

Research Blogs

Blogs, similar to books and podcasts, are places where you can learn more information about real estate investing from first-hand experiences. People who blog on real estate often write about their story of how they first started—whether that’s investing or flipping houses. You might also find blogs with different perspectives than that of an investor, like a banker, real estate owner, or property manager who can provide insights into what different opportunities and mistakes look like.

Check out these real estate investing blogs during your research:

Participate in Forums

Some people will have different mindsets than you when they look into investing. Their perspective may be beneficial to learn from, so it’s important to interact with different people. Participating in forums allows you to hear and ask questions that even an expert may not have answered. Forums will also provide a discussion-type setting that differs from a podcast, book, or blog.

These five methods to learn more about real estate investing will enlighten you on the different decisions you need to make. They might scare or thrill you, but either way, you will be more prepared to seriously look into and consider real estate investing.

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