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5 Ways to Add Character to and Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

A room can be as boring or exciting as you make it. Four white walls do not determine the level of character your home is capable of having. Just think of the walls as your starting board and the sky is the limit. If you are getting ready to decorate or redecorate a room, then here are a few helpful tips to make your rental feel a little more like your home.


Statement mirrors are a great way to add character and depth to a bedroom. The mirror will make the room feel larger because it gives a sense of depth to the room. Also, mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes that it is easy to add your personal flair to a room by the mirror you choose to display.

Throw Pillows

Some people will say the more pillows the better. They can change a boring room into something worth looking at. You need to make sure that they match the bed or couch you’ll be placing them on. If the furniture is bold, pick more subdued pillow patterns. If, however, there isn’t much in the room that catches the eye, then your pillows can be a little more exciting.


Rugs serve many functions in a room. They can be there simply to help keep your poor feet off the cold ground. They can also be the statement piece in a room. If you’ve chosen to go with all neutral colors throughout a room, then maybe try a bold carpet to help add some pizazz.


If your walls are sad and boring, but painting them isn’t an option, here are some suggestions to bring life back into them.

  • Tapestry

    If you really just can’t stand the wall, then find and hang a tapestry to cover it up. This will help you have an accent wall without having to use a drop of paint.

  • Shelves 

    There are wall-mounted shelves that are simple to install and can change the depth of your wall. Just be careful not to place anything too heavy on the shelf. 

  • Pictures/Frames

    If you have family or decorative pictures that you’d like to hang up that is wonderful. If pictures aren’t really your thing consider getting some decorative frames and hanging them without any pictures to add character to the wall.


There is nothing like a good house plant to add some life and vitality to a room. Plant options could be anything from a potted tree in the corner to a philodendron climbing along a bookcase. You don’t have to have an entire indoor garden. Just a splash of green in the room goes a long way.

It doesn’t take many changes to completely give a room a facelift. Just adding something here and taking something else away there can transform the entire feeling. Have fun with organizing!

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