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5 Traits to Look for in a Property Manager

Entrusting your property to someone to watch over is like hiring a babysitter. You wouldn’t hire some lazy, delinquent kid to watch your precious child--you look for someone with references, a happy attitude, and who makes you feel reassured. Hiring a property manager is no different. The same traits you’d look for in a babysitter are what you should look for in a property manager--though maybe a bit more in-depth.


Property managers should always behave professionally. In some instances that means that they should be aggressive, patient, or flexible. You don’t want to hire someone who won’t put up a fight with a tenant who has been consistently late paying rent. You also want someone who is going to be patient with contractors and flexible when things start going wrong. A property manager should remain professional in all these cases and know how to manage any problems.


Property managers communicate with tenants both verbally and through written forms, like in emails. It is key that you hire a manager who can effectively communicate with you, tenants, and contractors. A good communicator can convey problems and reduce incidences in clear, simple ways. Their transparency and timeliness will make or break tenant satisfaction, so be sure you hire a property manager who can communicate well.

Organization & Experience

As a property manager, there will often be many things happening at once, whether that is leasing a unit, renewing a contract, or dealing with maintenance issues. When you are in the process of hiring a manager, be sure to inquire about their organization habits. You’ll want someone who will keep the filing cabinet neatly ordered and have the computer full of easy-to-locate, labeled folders full of information. It’s also nice to hire someone with experience as they will know how jumbled the job can be and will have already discovered organization strategies that work for them.


Most people view their properties as investments and it can be difficult to trust someone else to put forth the same effort and dedication into the property as you. When hiring, look for someone who is passionate and who appears accountable to all their choices--mistakes included. One of the best ways to do this is to contact the references they give, knowing the dedication they gave in their previous jobs will give you clear insight into what you can expect from them.

Financial Stewardship

When you hire a property manager, you want someone who knows what they are doing in every aspect of the job, including money. Finances can be complicated, so the best property manager will either have experience with money or will be a part of a company with thorough accounting protocols to help you out. It is also beneficial to hire a manager who is concerned with saving you money by helping your property be more sustainable. A sustainable property will reduce your energy usage and operating costs and create a healthier place to live.

Hiring someone with these traits will guarantee that they’ll treat your property like their baby. Rooftop Real Estate Management exemplifies all of these qualities and is ready to help any owners with properties in southeast Idaho and Boise Valley.

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