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5 Home Decor Errors You Should Avoid

Every single one of us who has rented or bought a place to live has at one point looked at the house and thought, “I need to change some things up,” or something to that effect.

We all want our living space to be visually appealing. Decorating helps the place we live in to become home. While everyone should decorate according to their preferences, there are several things to avoid when decorating. As a renter, you should always check and with your landlord to see what they allow in terms of decoration. Once that is clear, make sure to keep this advice in mind!

Wrong Size of Rugs and Curtains

Curtains and rugs really add to the feel of a home. You can find many different colors and patterns to match almost any theme or design. They really help bring a room together, but just as quickly as a well-placed rug or set of curtains can make a room feel whole, they can make it look incredibly awkward as well.

If you have a large room, then you need a large rug. A small rug in the center of a large room looks like a weirdly expensive, oversized yoga mat. The same goes for curtains. Curtains that are too short or long make the room feel off, and they really don't look good. Many curtains that are made for the normal windows in your house are made to touch the floor. Make sure they are hung nicely so they don’t end up above the floor or bunched up on the floor.

Poor Color Choices

Paint swatches give an idea of what could be used for color schemes. They are great for tentatively planning a color, but you need to be aware that the color on the card may not be the same as what ends up your walls. So you always, always, always, make sure and test the paint first. Many places have sample size paint containers. Some might charge a few dollars but it is worth it to make sure you get the right color.

This is one that you might be limited on depending on your landlord, but for you lucky few, make sure you take this advice.

Don’t Match Everything

Have you ever seen a set of twins who always matched? It was cool the first few times but eventually lost its appeal. This holds true for your rental. You should not have the same pattern or colors in every room. That becomes boring. Change it up, use furniture, the walls, curtains and rugs, lamps, and other accessories to make each room feel like something new, without making every room totally random.

Lack of Plants

Plants are awesome additions to just about every room. They add color and contrast to your home. A well-placed potted plant can add to the feeling of home, without detracting from the neat, clean environment you surely have going on.

Style Should Not Outweigh Comfort

Style is important to many people. From clothes to home decor, those who know what is stylish do tend to look good. The problem is that sometimes style is not comfort. We’ve all sat on couches that look very nice but were the most uncomfortable piece of furniture ever encountered. It is important to know what looks good, but also what feels good. It’s okay to sacrifice the look of furniture for comfort.

There are many great things you can do to decorate your home. Avoiding simple mistakes will allow for a nicer, more appealing look in your home. Test things out, see what you like. After all, you are trying to make this place feel like home, not a modern art gallery.

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