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5 Festive Favorites for Fall Decor

Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to spice up more than just your pumpkin spice lattes. What better way to embrace the festive season than by surrounding yourself with it! Autumn is the time for family gatherings and cozy nights in. Prepare your home for lasting memories with the trendiest fall decor style guide.

Front Door Makeover

The first thing you and your guests will see when arriving at your home is the front door. Arrange a warm welcome with festive wreaths, doormats, and decorative (or real) pumpkins. This is where you will set the tone for your house. Pick a fall color scheme and try to stick with the same tones throughout the rest of your home decor.

Plethora of Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add a pop of color and patterns to your living room. Experiment with corduroys and plaids to add a rustic fall-feel. Remember to keep to your chosen color scheme by following the same tones to keep it simple. Play around with a combination of patterns and solids to find the right balance for the room setting.

A Sense of Fall

Leaves aren’t the only thing in the air this fall; take your decor to the next level by adding some Autumn scents with cozy candles. Candles come in a variety of forms from wall candles and candle melters to traditional styles and more. Find what source you prefer to fill your home with an autumn aroma, but keep in mind that candles can be purely decoration as well. Whether or not you plan to light them, traditional style candles make a great accent to any decor throughout your home.

Layer up!

Just as layering clothing keeps you cozy, the same goes for your fall decor! One of the best ways to add an inviting and warm touch is by layering up the blankets. Just like the pillows, throw blankets can be a fun way to add pops of color to chairs and couches. Try draping a plaid blanket over a solid to add some layering depth.

Tasteful Table Settings

Fall and family just seem to go hand-in-hand; with all the anticipated guests, set the mood by setting the table. Keep your table setting low set to ensure your guests can easily communicate back and forth without having to peer through a whole corn maze. Table runners, decorative plates, and fall leaves are the perfect starting grounds for your fall feast.

While there are plenty of trends in decor out there, make sure to keep it you. Add your own fall flare depending on the mood desired for your home. Some key things to remember when decorating this fall season are to stick to a theme/color scheme, add some pops of colors and patterns, and keep things nice and simple. Lastly, share your home with loved ones to create lasting memories for all.

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