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4 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Larger with Furniture Choices

Did you just move into a new rental and you’re trying to optimize your space? The furniture you purchase can make a huge difference in how open your home feels. Simple things like the type of curtains, couches and the lighting you choose can either smother or open your room. Here are a few easy tips to getting the best use of your space.


Curtains provide the best privacy when necessary, but they pull back easily to let in the most light possible. If curtains are something you enjoy then we would suggest aiming for light-weight, light-colored fabric. You don’t want them to draw too much attention or they will make the wall seem overpowering causing the room to feel smaller. Light curtains will serve their purpose, but won’t block light or grab attention, helping the room to seem more open.


If you are searching for the perfect couch for your small room, think exposed couch legs. Getting the couch up off the floor will help the room to feel larger because you can see more of the ground. Also, the less bulky the couch, the better. Large poofy armrests take up unnecessary space and crowd what little free room you have.

Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table but also want to optimize your space, try finding something that is either slender or transparent. Glass or plastic tops will help the room seem larger because, like the couch, you can see more of the floor. Solid wood or dark coffee tables will steal the space in the room and make the room feel crowded.


The light in a room can open up space if done properly. One overhead light has a tendency to draw the eye to the middle of the room, making it feel small. If you can put a few lamps around the room, such as standing lamps in corners, to help brighten the room and add dimension, this will make the room seem more open and spacious.

Decorating can be overwhelming. Just try and keep these simple tips in mind while you put together your new home, and we hope that will make your experience more enjoyable.

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