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4 Places to Decorate in Your Apartment for Christmas

Christmas is a merry time of year where lights add a magical glow to the snow and everyone seems cheerful. Garland, lights, wreaths, and trees create an aesthetic ambiance that makes one eager to start decorating. If you live in an apartment, it can seem depressing to decorate your living space because you are confined to so many decorating restrictions in your lease. However, these four places to decorate include ideas and tips that are apartment-friendly and festive. Don’t let your lease ruin your Christmas cheer!

The Door

Your door can be your personal entrance to the North Pole if you want--there are many different designs you could use to personalize and decorate your door for Christmas. You may decide to use wrapping paper and a big bow to create the impression that your door is a present. Or, maybe you’ll use a beautiful wreath as a statement piece over your door. If you use a wreath, make sure to purchase a wreath hanger too. You can also use a Christmas doormat to complete the look!

The Entryway

If your door is garishly decorated, your guests will most likely expect the entryway of your home to match the festive cheer. With small spaces, it is better to use one or two larger decorations than a bunch of small items. These items make spaces feel small and cluttered. Garland gently wrapped in lights will look amazing and refreshingly stand out against the door frame, while a picture or letterboard will contrast the white-space of your walls. Remember to consult your lease before hanging anything up though, as some apartments prefer tacks or command hooks.

The Table

Having a centerpiece that is functional with your table and makes you feel cozy is a great Christmas decoration. A Christmas-colored table runner with electronic candles, greenery, and ornaments around it is not only fun and festive, but it’s also safe to have in your apartment. Using fake candles helps the candlelight last longer and it keeps you from breaking your lease. Plus, candles and table runners don’t have to only be Christmas decorations… you can use them all year long!

The Main Room

Trees and stocking-adorned mantels aren’t always possible in an apartment--whether because it’s against the lease or because there simply isn’t room for one. A real tree isn’t always possible within the constrictions of a lease and sometimes you don’t have room for one anyway! You could purchase a small fake tree to stand on your entertainment center or coffee table if you have one--or you can skip the tree altogether. There are many options for alternative Christmas trees, like making one from pallet wood or pinecones! And, even without the mantel, you can use small weights on a flat surface or shelf to hang your stockings with care.

Decorating with the rules of a lease may be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Even simple touches of Christmas-themed pillows on the couch and festive-colored towels in the kitchen can make your home feel coordinated and merry. There are plenty of alternative ways to make your home feel like Santa’s workshop this winter.

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