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4 Decorating Tips That Won’t Damage Your Apartment

You walk into your apartment. Its plain, white walls surround you with their boring, dull feel as you look around your minimally decorated living space and wonder “this needs some work.”

You aren’t alone, we’ve all been there. It can be hard to decorate when you are so restricted. Luckily, there are ways you can add to the look of your apartment without causing any damage, which meets the needs of you and your landlord.


Rugs actually add a lot to a room. When used well, it can add a pop of color and a cozy feel the apartment. It can protect your carpet underneath, and can also add comfort if you have hardwood floors.

The great thing about a rug is that it doesn’t detract from your space either. It is essentially part of the floor, so adding a rug won’t feel cramped.


A plant is a great way to add some life, in some cases literally, to your apartment. Plants just give an apartment a happier feel. It can brighten up a space and can easily be placed on a counter or in a corner, depending on the plant’s size.

If your landlord is against live plants, get a fake one. It will give off a similar feel, you just won’t have to water this one. A plant will look classy and make you feel better about your apartment.

Hanging Items

This is probably one of the trickiest areas to navigate when decorating apartments. Most hangers leave some sort of mark when used, although there are some that claim not to, like Command brand hangers. Make sure you are familiar with the rules of your lease.

Some landlords just don’t want holes. So, in that case, you might be able to use adhesive hangers. Others don’t want the adhesive hangers to tear off paint, but they might not care about having you patch a small hole made by a tiny nail, staple, or monkey hook.


You could use a different variety of lights to help brighten up your apartment and give it a homier feel.

You could use a simple lamp. It would provide more light, and there are some pretty decorative options out there. Using lamps with colored covers for the bulbs gives a trendy feel. Or you can go classic college dorm status with a string of lights on the top of the wall.


There are tons of options to decorate your apartment in a way that will provide you with color, feeling, and variety while not leaving a mark on the apartment. A simple Google search will give you lots of great ideas. Make sure the ideas are not in violation of your lease and then go for it! You have the ability to create a wonderful apartment that is beautiful and feels like home, it just takes a little creativity and a little time on Pinterest.

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