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When we say “We’ve Got You Covered,” we mean it, and work everyday to prove it! Call us today and we will discuss your property, review the property with you, and make a plan to partner together to help your investment grow.

The Perfect Fit

If you determine that we would be a good fit for your property management needs, contact us to discuss your property. Please fill out the property data sheet on page 14. After the paperwork is complete, this is what you can expect:

We will review your property with you to determine if there are any issues that may affect the rental potential of the property. If the property could benefit from updated repairs, renovations, or general maintenance before being listed, our maintenance managers can work directly with you to accomplish any recommended suggestions or requests.

We will need keys, information on current tenants, and their contact information. If tenants currently occupy the property, we will manage the turnover, notify the tenants, and handle all the details.

Tenant Acquisition

"White Glove Treatment"

If a property is vacant, the property must meet the standard of our white-glove checklist before they can move in. We can provide this list to you so you can understand the standard we expect our properties to meet.

We require our tenants to adhere to our white-glove checklist when vacating an apartment, so that is the condition it needs to be in when turned over to them. We will immediately begin our comprehensive marketing strategy to fill your vacant property.

We respect the property owners that we work with and always work to treat their investment like our own. You will find that our commitment, understanding, and experience when it comes to property management is unsurpassed. At Rooftop Real Estate Management, we believe the reason for our owner retention rate above 99% is our unparalleled respect for our clients and their investments, and we’d love the chance to show you what we are all about.

A Reputation to Depend On

Our clients and industry colleagues know Rooftop Real Estate Management through our acquisition and maintenance of high quality properties. We’ve built this renowned reputation by conscientiously determining which properties meet the standards of Rooftop Real Estate Management.

While we’d love to work with any potential clients and their properties, we must also maintain a list of properties that meet the standards of which we’ve become known for. When determining the quality of a property, our team will assess the cleanliness, modernity, and general maintenance before agreeing to work with our potential clients. If you have any concerns whether your property qualifies, contact our team for a comprehensive evaluation.

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